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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between splinter.me and other professional tools I use (like LinkedIn, GitHub etc.)?

splinter.me is not here to substitute the professional platforms you already use, but to make an aggregation and analysis of all your information on them. Like this you have one simple overview about your professional life for you to showcase and/or to make yourself easier to find by amazing collaborations and work opportunities that fit.

It takes you a few seconds to create a profile and to add the online platforms you are active on. Our technologies then work for you to offer you a 360 degrees professional profile that is automatically formed and constantly updated.

The profile contains:

  • your work experience (extracted from LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • your workspace/ tools you use at work (we offer a nice widget to add them)
  • your interests (extracted from your activities on twitter, Facebook, Hubs etc.)
  • your social networks and their stats, with direct links
  • your portfolio (extracted from Behance)
  • your common connections with someone (aggregated from all the social networks in one place)

...and in time we will introduce even more elements (like workstyle test results)

Q: I like the data import from social networks, but I need to make some adjustments. How can I edit my profile?

A: Check the upper right corner of your profile page. Click on your username and choose:

  • Edit Resume: if you want to modify your timeline (work experiences, projects, education)
  • Edit Profile: if you want to modify your general details (screen name, real name, email, location)
  • Settings: if you want to modify the social networks you have connected

All set now? Might also want to check the next point on how to make your profile simply awesome.

Q: I have created my account on splinter.me. Now how can I make my profile awesome?

A: Most of the profile elements are created and maintained automatically. We like to save your time by putting technologies at work. For this we need though that you give us access to all the social networks that you are active on. We will take the relevant information from your online activities and display it in widgets on your profile (be patient, we are still working on the data analysis, but be sure we will blow your mind when it is ready).

After you have connected your social networks, make sure you complete your Workspace with the tools you use in your work. We have quite a big list from which you can choose. This will give others a good overview on your expertise and it will make you reachable through special searches. In time we will introduce validations for these tools, so that we know your level of expertise.

You might then want to check the Hubs. Follow the topics that interest you and share your knowledge on them. Soon we will launch a feature that will make your efforts matter.

Connect with other splinters and get their updates on your Stream. You can follow whoever you find interesting. And if you have lots of followers and people checking your profile, you might be welcome among our VIP users: the Most Viewed Profiles that are featured on our platform.

That’s all for now. As soon as we launch new features you might want to look into, we will send you updates.

Q: Why should I follow other splinters?

A: Simply for receiving updates from people you are interested in (in your Stream):

  • what tools they add to their workspace,
  • what they post in Hubs, who they follow etc. Might be some inspiration for you as well. Plus, who you follow and who follows
  • you tell quite a lot about who you are, and we will be using this information in our upcoming features.

Q: What’s in for me to post things in hubs?

A: It is a way to show your expertise and interests and to start debates with other splinters that share the same interests. Normally you are used to the fact that if you post something in a group, only people there will notice.

With us, your activity in Hubs will be even more rewarded. How? We will keep it secret for now. Meanwhile just make sure you share your best knowledge and findings. Happy sharing!

Q: Where are those personality and workstyle tests you mention? I would like to use them.

A: The few we have now are among the social networks you can connect (example: Smarterer). We are working on the integration of more tests, so stay tuned.

Q: How about those work opportunities that you will recommend to me? How do I get them?

A: Patience, our dear early adopter :) We are now focusing on building all the features needed for you to have a great profile, that truly reflects who you are.

In a few months we will open the platform to recruiters and when we will have their work opportunities available we will be happy to match you with those where you fit. Until then, make sure you completed your profile and do invite your friends on the platform as well.

Q: How can I delete my splinter.me profile?

A: Visit your settings page, you'll find a button at the end of the page that you can use to delete your profile.

Q: I am a recruiter. How can I use splinter.me to find talent?

A: After you have created an individual profile on splinter.me, you can then create a company page here

There you can add information about the company (with text, pictures and links) and job opportunities (that are easy to share on social networks).

At the moment, inside the company page you have as admin some basic functionality to track the applicants and we will introduce more features in time. Also, very soon you will be able to use our matchmaking system that will show you in real time who fits for a job opening you have just introduced on the platform.

Until we release the matchmaking system (expected September 2013), you might want to use our Splinter LookUp, that is free for now.