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Founder @AsTweeted

Jun 2011 - current

AsTweeted aims to provide at decent way for users to browse old tweets. because twitter shows only the tweets of few days in the search results. and allow showing analytics/insights about different hashtags or keywords which can be used to get the market feedback about a brand or an entity.

Allowing the user a flexible way to browse, filter, analyze tweets with the minimum manual triggering. most archiving services just act as a backend providing an API. and others like storify requires manual seeding of tweets collections. in addition to working on sentiment analysis of tweets.

Team Leader @eSpace

Jul 2009 - current

Leading a Team of developers in carrying out several internal projects. and maintaining various production websites. The Team is responsible for adding features, implementing enhancements and fixing bugs. We're also responsible for Tuning and optimizing the production environment and continuous monitoring the identify and overcome performance bottlenecks

Ruby On Rails Developer @espace

Apr 2008 - Jun 2009

* Developing RubyOnRails web applications.
* Worked on several internal projects (blog tracking, 360 evaluation) using the latest, back then, rails 2.1
* Gained good understanding of Radiant CMS and its extensions. Used it to create,, and several other projects
* Participated in the development of, the Arab Expatriate Scientists community website based on the community engine and backed by postgres DB engine.

J2EE - Web Developer @eSpace

Apr 2006 - Mar 2008

Developing J2EE applications (Java/Spring/JSF/Hibernate). Held the responsibility of developing and maintaining several recruitment websites in USA ( based on Magnolia (open source CMS). Patched Magnolia Community Edition to overcome a limitation in version 3.0. Held the responsibility of managing and configuring tomcat instances on staging and production instances. handled apache configuration for some required redirects
Created deployment scripts that backs up the old war and the corresponding logs, and deploys the new build
Developing a web application for system Administrators to manager developer accounts in several development management tools (bugzilla, xplanner, LDAP, SVN). the application should be used where the user authentication is centralized through LDAP

Mobile Application Developer @eSpace

Jul 2005 - Mar 2006

Developing application for PocketPC running on windows Ce using Embedded Visual C++



General Secondary School @Gamal Abdel-Nasser

1998 - 2000


Computer Science @Alexandria University

2000 - 2005


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